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Tantra is art of present touch, come and taste how wonderful is someone care of you and give you fully attention. :) sms or whatsapp: +4790689133

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..:: Welcome in MyTantra net page ::..

Hi again I'm some time in Oslo back. Full of energy for you. Today at Frogner. :)

Btw. I'm looking for a new nice place to working in very close future. If anyone has good offer. Please contact me. Thx in advance

DO YOU WANT TO SEE ME IN BERGEN or STAVANGER ? - text me. I'm thinking to take a trip there during the August. Your interest will help me to decide. Thank you

Beautifull and skilled therapist, certificeted SEXOLOGOCAL BODY WORKER, HELTH MASSAGE THERAPIST & lector in area of intimacy, ... ✨ RIA✨ is BACK IN OSLO!

I offer unique sensual holistic care and focus 100% on client and her/his intentions and wishes, because every session is unique. Consultation, learning, massage, meditations, rope session, BDSM therapy, holding in cage, working with sexual energy and a lot of more is possible. If you are interested to read more about me - my web: mytantra net

For feedbacks scroll down or look on myweb. :)

What'sapp: +47 90689133

Is possible to book a session from start of July. Don't miss me! This time I'm not so flexible. So if you need any specific day or time is smart to book in advance. ;) I don't have operator this time. When I don't answer I'm busy. Thx for understanding. :)



PANDORA'S SECRET BOX IS OPEN AGAIN - not for everyone, I will decide who is capable, please trust me. :)

ADVISOR FOR SHOPPING: I hepl you to find the right toy for you, your partner or you like a couple together and a lot of more is possible just share with me your wishes and I will see if I can help. :)

CONSULTING out of studio possible in some cases.

- if you never tried, ask me personally before session starts.

New services:
Consulting/Lessons are available - ONLINE too.!

How to contact Ria?
1) The BEST WAY: phone 📞+47 90689133 I prefer What'sapp/sms please. I will answer as soon as possible. Some times it can takes couple of hours, so my advice is to book 2-3 days in advance. ;)
2) Email - contact page on ✨mytantra✨websites.
Every day (8:30-23:30), wben I don't answer I'm busy, please be patient, I replay as soon as possible. I recommend to book in advance if you want to be sure you get your appointment. :)
Ria says:
Please be open to share with me your dreams, your troubles, goals, wishes in sexualty. I'm superbusy this days but will do my best to read it and reply as soon as possible. Private consultation is possible 30min = 500NOK. (first meeting if you need to get trust personal meeting to help you to decide for longer coworking with me.)

✨ Duration of sessions: 60mins (consulting from1100NOK) sessions with massage/ BODYWORK 90-XXXmin (the most
popular duration 150 min)
✨ Opening hours usually 9:00-23:00 - early morning session is possible with order day before.
, same with late sessions.
✨ Non Alcoholic welcome drink, fresh fruits or small snack will everytime prepare for you. :)

For REAL wholebody SLOW SENSUAL TANTRA book 180-240mins!!

____Exclusive and the most popular in My Tantra studio_______

✨ Waving ✨
Our unique concept of waving session JUST in My Tantra studio!
Focusing on raising sexual energy. One of the strongest whole body experiences what you can have. (long intim massage and more contact included)

_______Other popular add-on services_______
✨ Classical prostate massage

✨ Long intim massage

✨ More contact session + massage of prostate

✨ Ropes and chains sessions

✨Tantric BDSM (light domination)
Concept of painLESS play, about feeling to surrender, to be in body present - for people who are to much in head - faster and deeper relaxation. Package includes more contact & massage of prostate.

✨ Tantric BDSM elements or special BD therapy
More specialized BDSM session designed to your wish within boundaries of the theraphist. Package inclueds more contact & massage of prostate. Recommend ed 120mins or longer

______________ Remember ___________________________
I do not provide escort services or any other sexual services.
________ Thank you for understanding____________

________✨Kind Advise: Cash Only ✨____________

Martina RIA performs:

✨Clasical & health massage therapy
✨Clasical & more contact tantric massage for men & women
✨Massages & rituals
✨Rope session
✨Tantric BDSM (play dominantion and submision, feeling of surrendered,…) - recommend to try.
✨Waving session - focusing on working with sexual energy.
✨Vaginal and anal mapping
✨Massage of rosebud (massage especially two small circle muscles in anus area, but only outside)
✨Prostate massage and massage entire anal region
✨4th dimension – ritual of senses + massage of mouth, ears, nose (including inside)
✨Big draw
✨Massages with feets
✨Orgasmic yoga
✨Teaching of this techniques – for singles and couples - individual lessons

More about Ria:

Since childhood I love to give and receive touch and I believe it has healing power. Tantra is part of my personal life from year 2011. Receiving holistic sensual massage and sexological bodywork sessions opened me up a new dimension of experience in the flesh.

I changed my way of thinking and perception. My own strong experience that’s why I decided to study in this area. I´m certificete sexological bodyworker, tantric masseur and lector in area of intimacy.

And I´m glad I can be guide on your way deep into yourself. I can help you discover new dimensions of whole body pleasure, push your boundaries, gett rid of the of pain, fears, shame or numbness or discover self-love again.

My intention is to create a safe space for you in which you express yourself in nature. Clients like me because I´m open, frendly and colourfull person. I can follow… I can drive... During the session I can use diferent kind of techniques from very gentl touch, be soft and kind to you up tu useing deep pressure and play little kinky way during mindfulness BDSM.

Come to learn, or have just a moment of connection, wholebody experience and enjoying in your body. Every time I work with open heart and with respect to my receiver. Every questions, every emotions are welcome.:-)

Dear Ria!
Thank you for 2 unforgettable hours in the morning today! It's hard to describe the combination of gentle touch, hard BDSM, a strict mistress and a wonderful caring and beautiful woman. It have been a perfect time with you. I can't wait till next time!

4.6. Personalized version of DOMINANT play, 120mins.
Ria: Fresh feedback, but session 2-3years ago. My question was, what brings our meeting in your life?

D: I have a much more calm relasjon to what close contact betwen People really is about.. Before IT was all about sex and not about sharing energy. Now sex is Just a small part off my brain when im intim with Girls.

R: And I'm happy for possibly to show, that we can feel deeper and build and nourish our relationship let them grow. Share and enjoy every moments. :)

I was in the sky, and it was wonderful that you joined me on the journey. You take me, and let me take part in, to flow away for two hours, and I have never experienced such intense intimacy. I learn. I enjoy. Thank you for making my life better! 🙏🏻😌

Moreover, here is a new reflection: I am never in confusion about you as a private person and you as a therapist, and I do not know how you do it, but you do. It is a good thing! You are my therapist; you are my friend. I love you, but I am not in love with you. Respect. 😘

----------- 6.3. 120mins meeting -------

Today was my second visit to "Angel in disguise"
This Angel is capable of making you see the brighter things in life, she will help you maintain that mindset as well. She has the magical power to push all your buttons and also give you more of what you need to heal and develop to your full potential. Ria is a spiritual and deep therapist who really helped me as I was more emotionally reserved from seeing more magic in the world. Ria gave me the confidence to know that everything will be fine in the end. Ria taught me how to be the strongest resource I have for my own growth. Ria is a successful and professional therapist who is capable of creating safe and supportive dialogues about things that really matter. This Angel has the ability to make you go a little deeper and share more and keep your focus on what's going on in your life and teach you how to try to let go of all the reactions you have because they will only hinder your ability to to see . Thanks Ria !.
7.12. close to 180mins, driven dialog, coaching.
It was just so amazing that i probably will need to experience it again one day, and again i want to thank you for the perfect this session. 😋


5.12. 150 mins of secrets.
Hey Ria!
You surprised me again! That you perfect in tantra I know for some time. But I didn't know you can also hepl this way! My shoulder are much better! Thank you again. You are just unique person! I love to talk to you to be tuched from you, to melt under your fingers.

All The Best Txxx

4.12. medical massage + tantric emements in more contact version.

The main reason or goal behind I start to try Tantra massage is my conditions with lack of energy and life stamina;... (to inner personal massage)...
Which really impressed me in the session was your intelligence and your dedication to the profession. The appreciation you showed by your sensuell touch.
I felt the pleasures of love's happiness and when I look in your eyes I realized I've truly been blessed.
Thank God for a woman's touch. Your touch's make me feel like a man😊


3.12. Sensual 120mins, focusing on wholebody inner waves.

The moment I stepped into your flat, my pulse raised because of your looks and your extremely subtle clothing, and at the same time, my pulse lowered because of your presence, which always puts me in a very comfortable state of mind.

The state of the flow, the touching, slowly building up and the small feedbacks from you was very useful without disturbing the flow. I am delightfully surprised of how different these sessions turn out, I do like this a lot.

Thank you! ❤🥰
Type: Pandora 120mins, 9.10. 2019
Thank you for a fantastic session again. An angel, that can use the ropes and so sensual!
S. Date: 10.10. 2019, Type of session: Secrets light.

Message: This is not a booking. Just a verybig thank You for the session this morning. It's an indescribable moment to be in Your hands. I don't understand how You do it, but I just want more... Thank you so much Ria for your treatment😁😁

Thank you😀 I would really like to try Pandora's Secrets. You really calm me down with your behaviour... You are so perfect in many ways😁 T.
180mins BDSM elements 12.9.

Dearest Ria,

I am still struggling to find words to express my gratitude for yesterday’s evening session.

Thank you just seems too simple

The whole experience from end to end was pure bliss but at same time quite emotional as it gave so much more than imagined on many levels.

You are more beautiful than a Gazillion stars

You are for always embedded in my mind and soul.

I am convinced you are an angel, I don’t believe such beautiful face, body, hands, hair, feet, eyes, voice, lips, soul, energy, sexuality and sensuality can be humanly possible.

I feel to have found a spark of something utmost special that will save my soul and body for a long time.

It still seems surrealistic to be so lucky and have experienced you.

I hope to see you again.

Best, Mxxx, 17. July 2019
Has been a little while since the visit.
Have been to several masseurs, and this is simply the best Tantra experience I have had. Ria knows exactly what to do and happily meets requests and requests to give you a better experience. Highly recommend BDSM. Other massage therapists have BDSM tends to feel a bit tame, but Ria gives you the perfect experience all the way. She also provides a proper prostate massage.

Finished with a relaxing massage so down-stressing that I died for a little while.

120mins, BD therapy, 14. Juli

So, this is now the second time I’ve visited the lovely and beautiful Ria.

I’ve tried two quite different experiences:
First time was classic Tantra, together with a colleague of hers (Eva, I believe). The amount of attention, relaxation and release of stress I felt was extraordinary.

Second session, I felt a bit more adventurous, so I went for her BDSM pack.
Ria’s angelic appearance hides her kinky side.
I would recommend, and try for yourself. Maybe have one normal session first, to get to know her, but that’s up to oneself.

Both sessions have been fantastic, and I will probably vary a bit, depending on what I wish to get out of it.

Thank you again, Ria! I will see you again.

Review from 8.6.2019, BDSM therapy

Thank you very much Ria for a very good session with a very nice girl today😘 I think it's my best massage/tantra session I've ever had.
-----6.6. 120min, waves-----

Thanks for fantastic session. Feeling charged. Probably because I did not discharge. Open to the world around me....And in me, with fantasies and longings. Almost an urge now to receive by being used. Enjoy ! Namaste. Love from Nxxxx

--------3.6. 180mins, kind of coaching + Pandora sessions, topic receive me how I'm.______

Here we talk about quality, beauty, professionalism and otherwise the best superlatives that can be given to a lady who practices Tantra. Have been here before and will be back as soon as possible. Gets better and better as we become safe at each other AND there is no longer any question of what I want👍 Refuse to believe there is better place in Oslo. At least I haven't found anything near this place !! Highly recommended !!!!
_________13.5. Oslo, 120min, _________

Thank u for 2 hours in heaven! U r amazing and the best, moust pretty, nice, wonderful, smart and good Lady in the world! Miss u a lot allready and hope to see u soon again.
Take care!!!

13.5. 120mins
I can't describe with words. YOU ARE AN ANGEL.I felt so deep connection during all session with you. You read me like open book. You know where to touch exactly how deep or gently… OMG you took me to heaven!! I still have no words my ANGEL. Now understand why was so difficult to make an appointment with you I tried three times. For angels like you people stay in long line.

Have a GREAT day Ria. See you soon.

7.5. 2019, 150mins - first meeting with Ria, contact massage, teaching + waves.

Dear Ria🌹!
Our meeting was fantastic, like every time. Iwould like to write you few words and BIG Thank YOU!! You know me well I'm not the youngest one. You know my troubles and pains. But every time I visit you it disappeare. In your hands suddenly I don't feel any pain, I'm just calm in mind and feel vibration in whole my body excited what comes next. I had fight and so much troubles with premature ejaculation. You learn me a lot. You have place in my heart, THANK YOU, YOU ARE!!

Hugs from Bxxxx

6.5. 150min, more contact session, training, focusing on intim area (8x or more meetings, longer coworking with homework )


YOU!! You was so sensual, so erotic so ANGEL AND DEVIL in One. with me. I never felt this bafore. You should teach your secrets my future partner. Ria You are just fantastic!!

And thank you for trust you gave to me.


Dear Ria,
Thanks for an amazingly great experience today. Exploring the Tantric universe with you is a true privilege. I am looking forward to next time and to learn more. You are very professional and I feel safe with you.
Warm thoughts from Xxxxx, 13.2. 2019, cca 120mins BD session in waves.
Thank u a lot for fantastic time!
U r amazing and nr 1!!!
Hope to see u soon again😉👍🙂
Exxx 😘, 4.2. 2019, 150mins of waveing session.
Hi. It s Txxxx 😏 thanks. I had god energy after skiing and visiting you set my body and mind in a very nice ....position, i feel nice inside. Consentrating on breathing is super important. Like you to experience moore on mee😘 you were real nice beeing with.
3.2. 2019 BDSM waves experience.
Tnx again for a fantastic Session 🌞🌞🌞🌞🌞
You are simply the best 🌞
Enjoy the session's with you so much 🌞🌞🌞
You really are something special Matina 😘😘😘
1.2.2019 Oslo, Light Rope BD combination

Hi Ria,
Just want to tell. I don't count how many times I visited you during the last 2 years. What I really love to be surprised. Everytime you bring some new elements and I love it! I can't not to compare you to anyone else. You are alchimist of dark tantra world! You are the best! I will wait you come back. :) 😘
2.2. 2019, 120mins Hard BDSM role play, Oslo

Hi Ria,
Now I am able to speek again 😉 I am sorry for my emotional state in our last meeting and the large number of hugs I needed and pushed you through. You tore down my wall of protection and took me by surprise. I have never experienced anything like this.

You told me that I could remind you about a book you have on your Google Drive. This has now been done 😊

If possible I would also like to book a session for 2,5 hours. I would really like to experience this one more time before you leave (trying not to become too addicted) 😊
Best regards Jxxxx

150mins 1.2. 2019 Oslo, Classical koncept in morecontact version

Thank you very much Ria ! You are very sweet and you really are all the time honestly present. You are an angel which God has made and He didn’t do anything else on that day. As I told you this time was my first real experience of Tantra. It is nearly impossible to find out the right words to describe the feeling and energy I received. I am only harmed that I booked only 90 min + more contact. But I made a reservation for 150 min right away for next week. I recommend you everybody who wants to experience one of a kind feeling, trust and tranquility. Already miss you. See you soon,
9.11. 2018 Helsinki Jyri., CLASSICAL TANTRA - more contact version

Hello Ria😉
Tnx for a great session today 😍
It was absolutte fantastic , i've said it before , but it was
fantastic , yes, best ever 😍
You really know how to tease me 😂😂😂😂
You look so cute with you hair like today , and the smal leather thing around your neck . You are absolutt georgeus 😍😍😍
Tnx verry much for the session . You are the best 😍 😍😍😍
28.12. Oslo. K., Tantric SHIBARI (Rope play)

Hi Ria,

I want to reach out just to tell you a bit of my experience. The prostata massage made me feel something quite extraordinay - like I was a feminine being (in some strange way) and I was penetrated by you. In the mixture of emotions there was a great deal of pleasure as well. I wanna thank you for the safe and nice environment you made for me to have been able to experience all of this.
Wishing you all the best, B., 14. 11. 2019, CLASSICAL TANTRIC CONTACT SESSION 2nd visit
Hello Ria,
The session truly was an "eye opener" for me. I'm glad you sent me this email because I'm kinda still trying to comprehend it myself. :)

Througout the whole session I felt "safe" and comfortable. The sense of closeness was really interesting - someting that you do not experience with another human expect from private family relations.

For myself personally, meeting with you was such a pleasure that I'm already waiting for the possibility of a new session. I was afraid of the prostata area because of my itching issue, but you got me interested to experience the prostata massage later. Also I gotta say, I would love to feel the difference between the lingam leading to the relaxation (todays session) or the "fullfillment". Thank you so much for today!

(TANTIC VIRGIN, Helsinki 31.8.2018)

I am so glad i met you 😍.
Please txt when you return 😉 i really like the rope session 😉😉😉😉
It's so intense 🤣🤣🤣
I love it 🤗🤗
Jesus, the rope is a new experience for me it 🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗
It's good then you trust the therapist 😉😉
I have been a big smile all day ,tnx to you ☀️
Knud 28.12.1018



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